NINJA-FESTA 2015 in IGAcity

The Iga-Ueno Ninja festival” is held in May every year in Iga city!

The festival will be held again 2015!

Igaueno NinjaFesta OfficialWebsite HERE

Igaueno NinjaFesta2015 is held from 4 April-6 May 2015!

Locals welcome tourists in NinjaFesta Only Ninja with Handmade hospitality.

We can enjoy  to wear the NinjaCostume and to experience Ninja Training in Igaueno area.


English display is small, but please enjoy the festival.


Six Ninja-Shcools for kids!

There are six handmade Ninja-schools during the festival period.

You can experience the ninja training if you do buy a ticket that can be used  in any Ninja-schools at 1000 yen.

If you buy the ticket, you will receive a souvenir and 500yen-coupon.



Ninja Costume!

During the festival period, you will be able to rent a Ninja costume in many shops.


It is very fun to walk the streets wearing a costume, you can experience the feel like a ninja.

There isn’t much of Ninja costume in stock on weekends and holidays , You should go to the shop in the morning.



Volunteers have run this festival and some Ninja-schools and costume shops open only Weekend.